Vitality Introduces New Yogability Class

YogabilityVitality Health & Fitness is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Yogability class at it’s Neath Gym starting on Thursday, 10th January 2019.

Yogability is a full body strength and flexibility exercise which increases flexibility and mobility, whilst maintaining strength. Yogability aims to relate movements to specific sports or activities, focussing on specific movement to increase flexibility, mobility, balance, muscle strength and body awareness. These classes can help in injury prevention whist Yogabilityenabling form and function.

Yogability was orginally created for people who didn’t necessarily like yoga but needed it. The sessions combine mix of yoga, mobility, movement, balance and body weight exercises. In other words, yoga without too much zen!

About Yogability

Vitality’s new classes are being run by Yogability founder Alecs Donovan. Alecs is known as “the rugby playing yogi”! She has been a sport competitor since she was two years old and is currently back playing rugby for the Ospreys after two years out with a serious injury, during which time yoga became her friend and helped in her rehabilitation.

Alecs admits that yoga before her injury definitely not for her; it didn’t make her sweat and she just wasn’t interested! Mainly because she didn’t understand its benefits. This has now changed:

Says Alecs, “Rupturing my Achilles, meant that the one thing I could do was yoga, and therefore I decided to try it and to try different types of yoga. At first, I couldn’t understand how on earth people, three times my age, were better than me, more flexible, stronger and healthier than I was!

“After just two years of yoga, I can now understand the importance and the benefits it brings. All athletes, especially those rehabilitating from injury would benefit from yoga and others who are interested in general fitness and their well-being would gain so much from the teachings and benefits of yoga.

“I am stronger, fitter and so much more flexible than I was two years ago, which helps me avoid the unnecessary tightness that leads to injury.”

Alecs currently works with a variety of people; from professional athletes to people recovering from injuries or for the general public who want to move and feel better.

Yogability at Vitality

Vitality’s new Yogability class will be held on Thursdays, from 9.30 am to 10.30 pm at our Neath Gym.

To book your session or to find out more about Vitality’s classes visit or call us today on the numbers below: